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How an automated KYC process can contribute to simple & customer-oriented onboarding


Digital identification as well as digital compliance solutions are as up-to-date as never before. Our customer YAPEAL explains in our Client Use Case how an automated KYC process can contribute to a simple and customer-oriented onboarding (German only).

Client Use Case YAPEAL

How a Fintech can easily use online KYC checks for its Due Diligence


Online KYC checks and automated screenings are important when it comes to protecting customers against compliance-related risks. Lykke has successfully addressed this by implementing the KYC Toolbox into its compliance process. It can also be used to comply with the regulations for regulatory KYC processes.

Client Use Case Lykke

How KYC Spider helps to build and run a Swiss bank


Among other things, the construction of a Swiss bank requires the examination and identification of potential business partners. Find out how Lloyd's & Partners uses the eKYC Solution for this purpose and why they chose the KYC Spider solution (German only).

Client Use Case Lloyd’s & Partners

How KYC Spider helps Casinos with due diligence

Casino Schaanwald

KYC checks are also used in casinos. Why they are important, how they work and why KYC Spider is the ideal partner for due diligence solutions can be found in an interview with our client, Casino Austria (Liechtenstein) AG, to whose company Casino Schaanwald also belongs (German only).

Client Use Case Casino Schaanwald

Benefit from further interesting downloads for Digital Compliance

KYC Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance
Find out in our article how you can simplify your compliance through digital and lean KYC processes.

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KYC Spider Focus Pages

KYC  for Banks, Asset Managers, Fintech, Insurance, Casinos and Industry
Find out more about Digital KYC for the respective industry on our focus pages and download the focus summary now.


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