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Media Check
With the Media Check we offer you another tool that allows you to check your (potential) customers and business partners for general Google and online entries and general media news, including social media channels. This tool is ideal to get a first general media impression and overview of a person or company, or to complete a customer file.

Crypto-currency verification: 260 blockchains and tokens can be examined for risks in our Toolbox
We have enhanced the existing crypto-currency check (CCM). From now on, you can check wallets and transactions for 260 blockchains and associated tokens.  For more information see below.

ESG Due Diligence Assistant
ESG (environmental, social and governance) risk monitoring becomes a new additional compliance requirement. With the rejection of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative in Switzerland, the indirect counter-proposal will automatically come into force, introducing new mandatory reporting requirements in the Swiss Code of Obligations and in criminal law. Depending on its size and sector of activity, the company will have to report on its environmental, social and labour concerns, respect for human rights, the fight against corruption and compliance with due diligence obligations for minerals and metals from conflict zones or high-risk areas, as well as for products or services where child labour is suspected. As things stand, the complex new regulations will come into force in 2022, requiring companies to report accordingly for the first time in 2023. In this respect, ESG risk management is becoming increasingly important not only from a reputational perspective, but also from a criminal law perspective.

The companies directly concerned are those that outsource part of their value creation and meet the required criteria in terms of size and sector of activity. However, ESG risks not only play a central role in the examination of supply chains in procurement, but also complement a holistic view of the legal entities in the client base.

KYC Spider now offers the possibility to use the ESG Due Diligence Wizard to quickly and efficiently check whether your customers and business partners have relevant information and articles on ESG topics or risks. After searching for the most relevant articles, you can evaluate and comment on them individually. The PDF report can then be downloaded or archived in the KYC Spider toolbox as usual.

Update of the Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Assistant
Our popular EDD wizard has been updated with the latest version and is now based on the same technologies as the ESG Assistant.

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Swiss SOGC register query using company ID

We extended the already existing function of querying the Swiss Commercial Register (SOGC), allowing to search SOGC entries not only on the basis of names (private persons or companies), but also on the basis of the company identification number. Both the old commercial register number (CH number) and the new company identification number (UID) are supported. The entry of the company name is no longer necessary if the identification number is available. First select the format used (Type) and enter the corresponding identification number.

KYC Type 1-4For information purposes, the internationally used DUNS number (Dun&Bradstreet) can optionally be entered. However, an explicit search for this number is not possible yet.

New: Indication of available tools

The tools available in the toolbox now highlight whether all information is currently available for the use of the respective service, or whether further data would have to be added. For example, to use the Enhanced Due Diligence Assistant, the name of the person or the company must have been entered beforehand. For an address check, the respective address of the person or company. A tool is grayed out if some information is missing to use the tool. Which information you are missing exactly is displayed as a small note, the tooltip. To see the tooltip, just move the mouse pointer over the grayed-out tool. If all information is available, the tool will be displayed in red as usually.

With this adjustment, you can now very quickly and easily see which tools can already be used and for which ones further information would have to be added for use.

KYC Toolbox-1The new update will be implemented during the regular release window on Tuesday 22.03.2022 at 5pm.

We hope you enjoy the news and the update. If you have any questions about the new functionality, please contact the KYC Support Team.

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We are pleased to introduce Online Identification, another tool for simple, fast and efficient identification of your customers.

Online Identification is available to your customers 24/7, facilitating even more flexible onboarding. Regardless of where clients are, which time zone they are in. Online identification, as well as identification via video, is carried out by our partner "Intrum" in accordance with legal requirements. The number of coins required varies depending on the selected Toolbox subscription and starts at 4 coins per identification.

Online identification is optionally available via website or mobile app. The system automatically guides the customer through the process and performs the following checks:

  • ID check
    The identification tool recognizes the ID document and automatically reads the personal data such as name, birthday and nationality.
  • Face recognition
    Images of the client’s face are then taken and compared with the ID document. In addition, the module checks whether the person is alive by turning the customer's head to the left and to the right. This creates a 3D model using a series of images, which is also used for identification.
  • Recognition of security features
    Finally, the security features on the ID document such as holograms are checked. When all security features have been successfully recognized and matched, verification is complete.

A detailed report on the successful online identification is displayed in the toolbox.





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